Interiors and exteriors

Interiors and exteriors

The idea of the stadium-attraction of global scale with maximum application of high technologies and progressive design is laid in the conceptual basis of the stadium laid by architect bureau Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates. We saved an innovative architectural concept and adopted it according to the last security requirements.


The project is distinguished by a combination of historically preserved stadium elements (pavilions, staircase, fountain) and high-tech solutions such as roll-out field and retractable roof.

Exterior silhouette of the arena reminds an air ship-saucer landed on the island. A massive arena dome is supported by 8 masts and forms the image of a sailing ship which harmonically inserts an extra-terrestrial facility in the surrounding sea landscape.

Material used for covering retractable dome section – translucent ETFE film apart from its main purpose – protection of the stadium from precipitations and heat retention, may serve for projecting the image inside a roof.

Finishing of the stadium’s bowl will be made from state-of-the-art materials in silver-gray color range will underline constructibility of the new sports facility. Apart from this, it will provide opportunities of colorful dynamic illumination of the building.

To finish the base of one of the biggest stadiums in Europe, aluminum composite panels Alubond will be applied, which were used in the construction of famous buildings such as the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai, W-hotel in Barcelona, Cairo and Sharm el-Sheikh airports.

For stadium glazing products of the world leader in the industry - the Japanese company AGC will be used. AGC products can be seen on objects such as Skolkovo Business School, Moscow City tower, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo transport complexes. The company's portfolio - facade glazing of several stadiums - Tele2 Arena (Sweden), Arena Pernambuco (Brazil) and Ghalamco Arena (Belgium).

For the covering of the lower part of the facade ceramic-metal panel Hardwall and FVC of genuine bulk ceramics with anti-graffiti and anti-vandal cover will be used. Material produced in Russia, previously used in the construction of a number of Olympic facilities in Sochi.



Strict, straight lines, neutral colors and light colors are used in design concept and finishing. All requirements for material strength were fully taken into consideration when selecting materials.

Floors of the most part of spectator’s areas are lined with granite ceramic tiles, walls are painted and ceilings are decorated with metal grating. State-of-the-art premium quality materials, above all produced in Russia, were used for finishing.

For public areas, bars and restaurants with adjacent corridor and hall sections both for active public and for spectators of VIP category a functional modern finishing is also made.

VVIP category spectator area on the central western bleacher was made with finishing of club-restaurant type using lining from wood and soft furniture.

The area for teams and official participants is located at lower levels of western bleachers, it is made in accordance with requirements of international and Russian football organizations and taking into account the highest safety requirements.

The mass media area with a conference hall, mixed area, commentator seats on bleachers fully meet all modern requirements.