Facts about stadium

Facts about stadium

Key facts about the stadium

Stadium capacity — 68 000 for football and 80 000 for theatre and concert events;

2 tiers: lower with the capacity of 22000 people and upper with the capacity of 46000 spectators;

Total arena area— 287 600 m²;

Commercial-rated area — 26 000 m².

240 parking lots will be located inside and another 2 732 on the territory adjacent to the stadium;

1109 female, 1311 male toilets and 46 toilets for visitors with limited mobility;

8 snack bars and 8 restaurants for 4 962 seats;

14270 seats will be designed for active fans, 560 – for visitors with limited mobility and 104 sky boxes for those who want to spend time on the area with special comfort.

2700 people were engaged at the peak of construction, these are specialists from the whole world: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, England and Serbia;

Stadium metal structures weight – 32 thous. tons which is comparable with 4 Eiffel Towers;

486 m3 of concrete was used during construction: by 5.5 times more than for Wembley erection;

Stadium roof area – 71000 sq. m which is approximately 3 Red Squares.